Mind the Gap!

Mut zur Lücke oder Lücken schließen?
What suits your face better and how do you find out?


When we look back to the trends of the 80s, a certain beauty comes to mind. We all know her as the infamous Lauren Hutton. She was known for her brilliant acting / modeling career and lovely smile. Her dental gap did not hurt her image at all! Nowadays, we have the stunning Georgia Jagger, with her very own dental gap. Yet again, her teeth do not take away from her beauty, quite the opposite, her gap enhances her sensual appearance. Both of these women are beautiful, hip and sexy.

However, we know that what looks great on one person, can be a totally different case for another! So how can you find out if the dental gap is hip or a skip for you?

There are 4 main elements that you have to consider when deciding to keep or skip your gap. You have to look at the dental composition, which consists of:

1. The relations of width to length of the teeth

2. The proportions of the teeth sizes to each other

3. The harmony of the tooth axis

4. The position of the teeth



So how do you find out what this means for you?


This is what we can do for you:

Starting with models of your teeth, my technicians and I create a simulation, which is called a Waxup. This is based on the aesthetic rules and the evaluation of your smile. The Waxup is then transferred into your mouth so you can immediately see what you look like with or without a gap! Then you can decide what looks better on you.

It’s all a matter in harmony of relations. Like with everything in life – give it a try. It’s a pain-free journey to happiness and a new smile!





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