Teeth Bleaching Bachelorette Party at Petra’s!

My good friend Valerie was getting married, so I thought about how we can start a bachelorette evening party in a sophisticated and unique way? If there was definitely something I knew about my girl Valerie is that she is not like anyone else I know. She has that something special about her, that je ne sais quoi that most women dream about having. She is extraordinary and sensual, like a luxurious wild cat that knows her worth. Then it suddenly hit me! What other fabulous and elegant friend do I have that can help us? My friend Petra Schumacher! In my opinion, she’s the best dentist in Frankfurt, so what better way to start a glamorous evening than with a teeth bleaching for all of us together!!

It was late Saturday afternoon and the big day had finally arrived! I picked Valerie and the girls up with a limo and we headed over to Petra’s dental clinic in Westend. As we entered, we were greeted by 4 beautiful women, all dressed in their white uniforms, looking like a perfect cast for a Hollywood movie. These were Petra’s Angels, on the mission to give us a beautiful smile. The Moto of the day was „Bleaching & Bubbles“. Staying true to the theme, the champagne was brought out cold and crisp, along with beautiful flute glasses and some tasty delights. We popped the cork and cheered to Valerie’s happy future together with Tom. After a few glasses of bubbly, the evening really kicked into gear. Everyone was telling their most embarrassing dating experience and Petra was highly entertained by our crazy chatter and laughter. People were passing by on the street, looking into the clinic and waiving at us. Some women also came inside the clinic and asked if they can join the party! That was a true sign of a successful evening with good energy and atmosphere.


One by one, each lady was being called away by Petra’s Angels. It was like being in a real life James Bond movie, because each of us had a beautiful girl taking care of our teeth. It was a service designed for the utmost beauty, relaxation and comfort. We felt like Goddesses. I was lucky enough to have Petra herself do my bleaching. Dr. Schumacher put on her rubber gloves, tight white robe, looked me in the eyes, and I knew that the show was on! She first put a nourishing Vitamin E cream on my lips to protect them from being open for an hour. Her gentle touch was very soothing. I felt happy, being in good and protective care. Next Petra inserted a rectangular plastic device in my mount in order to keep it open. I had to laugh to myself because it reminded me of something naughty. Petra caught my smile and knew what I was thinking! We both laughed out loud and continued. Next came the preparation part. Petra carefully applied a cream to the part where the teeth meet the gums. This is actually the most important and time-consuming step. It’s crucial so that the bleach won’t harm the gums. Petra slowly traced each tooth, making sure that everything was properly covered. I must admit that I was highly impressed by her patience and precision! She explained to me that this will keep the pain away, and she was right!


Next came the bleaching paste that is applied directly on the teeth. Petra gave me some orange alien goggles, turned on the violet light and pointed it directly onto my teeth. She put on some sexy Ibiza house music, turned off the light, and let me relax and melt into the chair. It felt like being carried away to paradise. My mind drifted away, thinking about the amazing adventures that I’ve had in my life and curious about the new ones yet to come. After a while, Petra came back into the room and repeated the bleach application onto my teeth. This process was repeated 2 times again on extra strength settings. I opted for a 4th session to get that Hollywood ultra white effect.


After Petra was finished and I rinsed out my mouth, I couldn’t wait any longer. I jumped out of my chair and ran to the mirror. Wow! I was mesmerized by my own brilliant white teeth! I have never seen them so white a glowing before. I screamed out loud with pleasure, still elated by the effects of the delicious Champagne. The girls obviously had the same experience because I heard them screaming with joy from the other rooms! From that moment on, Dr. Schumacher became known as „Petra the Magician“ to us. We were so happy with the amazing results! We all met at the reception area, showing off our teeth to each other and jumping up and down with joy! Valeria kept screaming how amazing it was that her teeth now matched her bright white wedding dress. We were laughing until tears came out. The clock struck and the next part of the adventure was calling our names!


The taxi arrived, and I gave Petra a big kiss and thanked her for the wonderful evening and making our teeth look so white, shiny and beautiful! That’s the thing about bleaching your teeth, you constantly have a wild desire to smile and show off your new white teeth! As we stepped into the car, Petra gave us a mischievous smile and said, „Girls remember, don’t put anything into your mouth that can stain a white t-shirt!“ After hearing this, we gave her a wicked smile, and Valerie knew that this was an impossible task. She liked it wild and there was no way of keeping red wine and chocolate out of her mouth tonight. The adventure was about to get crazier. We all kissed Petra with our love, and the taxi drove away. What happened afterwards will always be our little secret… 😉


Article written by: Galia Brener

















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