Dr. Petra Schumacher’s Team Christmas Party

Christmas is a very special time when people that care about each other come together and celebrate the holiday season. At the Dr. Schumacher dental clinic, this holiday time is also embraced by the team to show each other caring, warmth and respect. Each year, Dr. Schumacher takes her team out to a lovely Christmas celebration and brings along thoughtful surprises to show her appreciation.


This year we all went to Frankfurt’s beloved Operncafé restaurant, located directly in the heart of the city, at the historic Opernplatz. Our table was decorated beautifully and each seat had a present with a name card on it, carefully chosen and wrapped personally by Dr. Schumacher herself. We all gathered at the restaurant at 7pm, excited to have an evening full of laughter, fun, delicious food and being together on this delightful holiday evening.


At Dr. Schumacher’s dental clinic, the concept of loving, caring and sharing is very important! Dr. Schumacher makes sure that her staff is respected and cared for well. Her goal for the Christmas party was to feed her staff well and grace them with joy, health and respect. She said that, „It’s not what we do with our life but who we spend it with.“ So therefore it was very important for her to give us lots of joy, good energy and delicious food this evening, and spend this time together as a team!


After the appetizers, we all open our presents and were overwhelmed with how much care and beauty Dr. Schumacher chose our individual presents and packed them in very special shapes and boxes! I really loved my present because it enhanced my hair for the evening and gave me a glamorous glow and sparkle to my appearance. All the girls received something unique and individual that matched their appearance and style! We were very excited, all trying out the presents and testing them on each other. It was a really lovely bonding experience, which only a harmonious team can experience.


We ate the tastiest delicacies that evening. From duck, to steak, salmon tartar, muscles in wine, shrimp and more! Everyone was in 7th Heaven and our taste buds were swimming in pleasure and delight! After the warm chocolate cake, wine and coffees were finished, we were still laughing and sharing jokes and private stories. It seems like everyone was so happy that nobody wanted to go home anymore! After a while longer, we all hugged each other and bid our farewells. Some went home and others went to dance. It was by far the loveliest, warmest, tastiest, funniest and happiest Christmas party that I have ever been to. Thank you Dr. Petra Schumacher for your kindness, respect and caring about your team so much!


Dr. Petra Schumacher and her team wish you and your family a very merry, happy and healthy holiday season!

























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