Wer jünger aussehen will, sollte in schöne Zähne investieren!

The answer to looking younger and staying youthful lies in your teeth!

Welcome to: the New Face Lift

Much of facial ageing is caused by your teeth. What does this mean exactly? With age, teeth wear down and the jaw recedes, shortening the distance from nose to chin, changing your profile. This forces the face to literally collapse.

Many people think that the quickest solution is to go to a dermatologist for fillers and Botox. However, nobody is given a guarantee that such procedures will make one look younger, or even at all better.

Thankfully, there is a better and longer-lasting solution for this! This is called a dental Face-Lift.

What procedures can be done?

First of all, pictures are taken to make a facial esthetic analysis by using certain esthetic evaluation lines. This is shown to the patient and explained exactly how the face will be improved by these procedures. After that, impressions of the teeth are made in cooperation and teamwork with highly experienced dental lab technicians. The thorough work produces an esthetic and functional wax-up. This simulation is essential for a proper function, because without a proper function, the esthetics won’t work.

Then the wax-up is transferred into a mock-up in your mouth, or how we like to call it, a temporary „Trial Smile“ that you can take home to try and show your loved ones.

The mock-up enables you too clearly see how widening the arch of your teeth, changing the length, shape, position and adding volume can help boost the cheeks, making lips appear fuller and restore facial volume! Small changes have a big effect, but it takes a lot of know-how, experience, expertise and artistry to know exactly where to reduce and where to build up.

If you are curious how the dental Face-Lift can positively change your appearance and give you a fresh and younger look, feel free to make an appointment for a consultation with us. We are here to help you look younger, healthier and feel beautiful.


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